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March 20 2012



Boosterthon has been helping raise money for elementary schools for over 10 years. The founders, Chris and Lyndie Carneal, were college students when they created this company. Boosterthon's original core values of enthusiasm, leadership, results, and integrity are still the driving force behind the company's success. Every employee who works for Boosterthon must uphold and promote these values in order to work for the company. 

According to Boosterthon, one big advantage of working with the company is that school administrators and teachers do not have to spend time and resources planning the fund-raising event. Boosterthon provides staffing services to organize and execute the fund-raising efforts including decorations, equipment, personnel, and music. The staff members oversee the kickoff pep rally, "team days," and the Fun Run. A typical nine-day experience with Boosterthon can raise up to 70 percent more than a sale-based fund-raiser. 

Boosterthon encourages each student at the school to collect pledges for every lap he or she runs during the Fun Run. In addition, the children are taught character-building lessons and work on fitness through their participation in the Fun Run. Every student who participates in a Boosterthon fund-raising program takes away lessons about character, leadership, and fitness and also receives a free t-shirt to wear during the Fun Run. Boosterthon’s most recent campaigns were called "Leader Launch," which promoted anti-bullying messages, teaching students to help rather than to bully each other, and “Epic Adventure,” which taught students about teamwork. 

The company’s basic values, mission statement, and character campaigns are compatible with different types of elementary schools, from public to parochial or private.
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